Human Lives under threats from Global Emission

For many years, scientific studies and assessments have been hinting at the potential for greater climate variability and, subsequently, extreme weather events. Since 2010 tied with 2005 as the warmest year on record globally, it should come as no surprise that 19 countries set new national high-temperature records.

The Universe around Earth

If we were to look at the Universe one second after the Big Bang, what we would see is a 10-billion degree sea of neutrons, protons, electrons, anti-electrons (positrons), photons, and neutrinos as a hot and infinitely point. (A Spacetime Odyssey Earth, National Geographic, 2014). Then, as time went on, the Universal continued to cool, it would eventually reach the temperature where electrons combined with nuclei to form neutral atoms.

Global Energy: Condition and Trend

The utilizing of fossil energy turns into the image of current modern human advancement. Access to energy is a key pillar for human wellbeing, economic development, and poverty alleviation. Ensuring everyone has sufficient access is an ongoing and pressing challenge for global development.